About Me, Myself, & I…

I am the scarlet clay in your searching hands. Work with me and you leave imprints; you shape me; we become two halves of a whole.

I am the artful ant in a restless nest and my muse is the queen. She washes me with the words that are churned into stories, the rhythms that become songs, the strength of will that becomes facade, the visions that become tapestries and worlds.

I am the quiet wind of change, sifting through life’s volumes of woe and bliss, seeking to touch the clouds on a journey higher, and higher still until I become the vacuum of space sucking the marrow out of the juicy tendrils of a higher calling.

Of all these things that are me, what am I truly?

A force to be reckoned with? No…

A force is inanimate.

I am a breath of passion to those who grow weary of disillusionment…

As for facts and figures?

I’m currently 24 as of December 17th 1990, and I recently graduated from Full Sail University with a B.F.A, in Creative Writing.

I love cats and dogs. I love pizza (some good ole’ fashioned pepperoni is the fave’), steak of any kind, and salad (balsamic dressing, preferably). I am as old as humanity and as young as the wind… jests aside, I probably hate the concept of aging more than most people, I feel as if I have already lived through my golden years! Seriously, what’s more golden than adolescence and early adulthood? (For those of us that had it good/better…)

Life is topsy-turvy, wishy-washy, so-so and mmmhhhmmm! Good! All at different times and sometimes at the same time for me.

In my life, whilst growing up, I’ve lived in nine countries in total, and I don’t plan on stopping there. I was born in Manhattan, New York; I have lived in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, and England (which is a place that I wouldn’t mind returning to eventually, same goes for Lebanon and perhaps South Africa as well). Now I live in New York again, so currently I feel like a human boomerang.

Interested in befriending me? … Well, why don’t you!!! The link to my Facebook page is around here somewhere…

I will consider you a stranger unless we Skype though. Closest thing to fostering a true bond, beside meeting in person.

I hope you enjoy what you find on my page! God bless you, especially, especially if you do 😛

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