The Relativity of Agony…



The nuclear fallout of a lie

So powerful the dye

Snakes its way-into every life-it

Breaks the mold, impending strife-it

Takes the souls-of every washed-up child

The tsunami of the call of nature will divide

Human nature is but a pawn, do or die

I hate to see the hunger it provides make you cry

Toss out the rhyme

I want to see you sweat when you hear


Most people will once upon a time fear it

It’s the attention of a demon in your house

Preying on your unit, infecting you when you spoon it


Is where it finds you, invading your dreams

I’ve tried to find meaning in the ugliest things

But something stares back and it has no face

You don’t know its watching because you believe in race

You believe in consumerism, except what’s consuming you

More than sticks and stones

More than ticks and thrones

I realize, you’re out of the box, so pack it up

You don’t realize, you rely on the fox, so back it up

The wolf can come in many forms and many norms

It’s inside the books you sell, the lies you tell

The things you yell, the ring of the bell, at close of life

So understand the meaning of youth is edge of knife.

Farewell to the beautiful things when we create

For the vanity of our souls consumes what’s on the plate.