The Mass Killing of Nonsense…

Loyalty and power,

I gotta take a shower,

My salary’s forgiveness

In history I cower.

The punishment of the flower,

The petals rain like dower,

I wish the clashes louder,

Then I’m reduced to powder.


The sharpest devils were created in wealth – in wealth.

That money power getting bad fa ya health – fo yo health.

I climb the lady of liberty,

Holding the fire of infamy,

Damn girl, how tall ya. gotta. be?

How much a man gotta pay for a woman to be free?

If it costs him his life, the debt is paid.

For just an hour a day, living death is the wage.

I can’t even start about the water we wade.

Constituting ignorance, no more to a slave.

I predict the government will feed on your hate,

And product your anger to the tricks of the trade.

There’s more to the story,

I’m pissed and poorly,

Ganked and gory,

Just ignore me,

Cents and sore knees, forgetting my name is Jason? Lord, please!

They’re brainwashing with:

Trumping dildos,

Jumping bimbos,

Crazy info?

Know what you’re in fo,

When you,

Turn on the telly, the venue, is,

Just another place for kids, welcome,

We’ve got another murder for your cerebellum,


You’re welcome!

Mosh! Jump up, jump up, and don’t frown, when,

They murdered more babies in jars.


That is if your mother’s in a jam…


I don’t know, half past midnight in the twilight zone,

Which means absolutely nothing when a dog is a bone,

Under your house,

When you mistake your cat for a mouse.

How many things do I have to get backwards,

For you to realize I’m doing math with slick words,

Calculating fascination, a concoction, a plantation,

Of seeds so small they appear not to exist,

Turn the page and out comes a fist!

Rattling down the road is canned laughter.

Wait up a minute I’m down in the rafters.

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