Unless You Shine for Me…

And were it not for the sun

would there be dream?

Would cloud cry upon the day?

I would find, you and I, slavishly cuddled ‘round dragon breath

and every sight would be for sore eyes, lest they be blind.

Every man would be a beggar.

Children cackle in the dark.

Women, free of childbirth, are instead consumed by the world.

Without the sun there is no age.

We are what we haven’t chosen to be.

This is what I see when you’re not with me.

Emptiness separating reality from understanding.

And I call to you.

And I call to you.

And I scream for you!

And I boil alive in the broth of my own anger…

Whatever I can cook up to feed the hunger that you inspire.


a peace shatters the storm.

A shaft of light jousting the gloom like heavenly charioteer.

What else could it be?

It is you, so long as you shine for me.

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