And So Live The Elements… (POEM)

Wind doesn’t want the chains of bitterness,

Wind wants bitter and passion together.

Weathering rocks, ten-thousand year battle;

The tree, fortunately, uproots easy.

Water finds a way to settle the score;

Such as the way it slaps against the shore.

You’d think it would eventually stop;

A new way it finds, from the sky a drop.

Fire is the rarest sight, unlike wind,

Unseen, it is seen by fire meddled.

Yet fire wins in some lands spreading true,

The sun will help its children one day, too.

Earth reigns supreme! Though underfoot it lies.

Lies like it is dead, in breaking, no cries?

When we dig a grave, do dead and dead dance?

Wedded to sky, sea, sun; together prance.

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