Five Points Of Terror… (POEM)

Thorns in the hearts of millions and fear in the minds of billions.

Heard across the whispers of machines, spoken to the minds of onlookers.

Entrances carved into the souls of children by myriad opinions.

Young ones engraved with a memory, reared to despise terror as one would hookers.

Advance the agenda. Propaganda distributed; phones, theaters, televisions alight.

Losing our souls to the terror, we huddle in our wining and dining rooms.

Lips loose and battering what we don’t understand, they’re the terrors! Don’t you understand?

Destitute is reason in the fanatics worlds away, yet in our very homes.

Encouraged to make poor our own empathy, as we seek them out.

Solace lost on our tongues we devour them, mercy removed from our bones.

Everyone knows we have to get them first, right? Right. There’s no other route.

Right is confused with fear. They’ve made us just like them. Just like them.

Vie for change! Do it all you want, but you can’t change them, not with sinful might.

Entrance them with modernity, educate them, sequester them, it’s a farce, a problem.

Aren’t we the beasts? Shooting missiles from a, “Wicked City,” televisions alight.

Grand mess we’ve made, hypocrisy ten miles high, sin ten miles deep.

Right. Where were we? Who shot last? Compare past to past, continue the fight.

Already we’re planning, where to strike next? Whack the hive, make ’em weep.

Vanishing like shadows in all-encompassing light the terrors disappear.

“‘Enraging us again,’ coming soon!” the sequel should be good next year.

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