A Code… (Philosophy)

There are two types of evil.
1) Wrongdoing in the pursuit of what is good.
2) Wrongdoing for the sake of wrongdoing.

The first leads to the other.
The second is hard to come by.
The first clouds the judgment of any man, poor of intellect or rich.
The second divides man between the just and the injust.

A man can be of injustice and yet not be truly evil, but such a man must be heavily deluded; not insane, deluded.
A patina of goodwill deludes an injust man into believing he is not evil. His actions must be weighed not by he, not by society, but by a code of eternal justice & goodwill upheld by society.

If a man seeks to judge others without such a code, a man seeks injustice.
If such a code suggests a cruel punishment, with such evil as the punishment of death, the code is corrupted by ignorance and perhaps “every” other item of that code must be put under scrutiny.

Good men all live by a code, not of their own, but of one upheld by society and by all good men.
This is not to say that society has a “complete” code to follow.

If a man is without a code, yet claims he is good, that man must wake from delusion and promptly seek to rob himself of his sinful trinkets, both material and immaterial, and cast those sins out into the abyss of yesterday.

A man must live by a code.

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