There we go to Jericho
Trumpets sound to fears we know
I made a ploy in fabled troy
I made mistakes not as a boy
But immaturity is like a mole
Get rid of it, or climb the hole?
I scar myself with blame and misfortune
For forty days stuck in a dune
For forty nights howl at the moon

When it’s all over in middle June
I croon for the women
And make a din
So I never win
And stay in sin
What will I learn when I have grown
This impenetrable vest that I have sewn
I want a life that I can own
A slave I’ve been to text and phone
The answer sparks and now will glow
I grew up fast, but it starts slow
When understood, one day you’ll know
That I flew here flung by a bow
The walls will crumble soon, it’s time
Let’s spice it up with salt and thyme
I knew that life can be sublime
But I’ve been cursed by past life crime
So when the walls lay flat like a lover
Can I embrace you as a brother?
Will we end the wars that destroy one another?
Will our promised land be our anchor?
Will it fulfill what we were?
I wait and pray for an answer.

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