Conduit… (POEM)

Responsibility because you gave holy birth to me.
With you, there was no safer place when I was three,
But at twenty three there’s no safe place to be.
Why is safety so annoyingly important to me?
Because I want to build the family tree.
If I’m not safe, can’t shelter the family.

You are the conduit though which I exist.
Maybe, that’s why when life kicks me, at you I am pissed.
Because I don’t understand that my luck is an illusion.
My confusion and wrath is my contusion.
I’m the result of God and the devil in fusion.
Neither abomination, nor savior, nonetheless a solution.

Age brings a rage like a torn page in the bible.
The current that runs through me serves as a round table.
Rest on my power, harbor good, evade evil.
A steeple for the people, a peephole that we keep ill.
The third chapter has poisoned the water.
Desert denizens lead us to slaughter.

Yet maybe they have an answer still.
Make peace, or fire at will.
When the truth is said and done.
Wounds dealt by a gun.
Fester under the sun.
We’re all and every son.

You brought me up into this craze.
I didn’t sign up for a deadly maze.
I don’t even really remember signing up.
I was drafted, no wonder I want the cool aid in cup.
I still wander aimlessly like a pup.
When the enemy is in disarray, advance the bishop.

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