Love Once Lived…

Darkness rained.

Hunger pained.

Window pains,

Develop stains.

Rose wilted.

Plains tilted.

World stopped.

Faith dropped.

And the place where we once lived,

Is the place where we forgive,

And the places where we go,

Is the happiness we know.

Close your eyes embrace the past.

Find a way to make the present last,

Because the gift of life is so,

Beautiful. Transient.

The nightmare,

Once lived,

Fades now,

It gives,

Way to,

To you,

Hold me now,

Hold me forever,

Hold me until,

Your love,

Moves me,

Transforms me,

Into a pastry,

That fills you,

And empties me,

Of sadness.

Distraught answers muddy the water of your consciousness,

And I walk on that consciousness and you crucify me with passion,

Because I want to be nailed by you and wear your crown,

And bleed when you’re on my mind, and forget myself,

So that the only memory left is you and your lips and your hips,

And your curves, and your words, and your hands, and our plans,

Knowing we were predestined to rock and roll this ball of dung,

And love each other madly, like one would love The Beatles,

And cry for one another so that our garden of intimacy grows.

‘Pon yonder vale,

We set for sail,

To no avail,

We dodge the hail,

But tombs prevail,

Like bitter jail,

Buried us both,

In a blue loaf,

Eaten by flies,

And by red lies,

When not eaten,

By the system,

But we march on,

To play a con,

And tell the world…

Distance makes us hate each other, but closeness makes us whole.

Virulence is a double-edged sword; makes you stronger or destroys your soul.

And jingle bells, like familiar smells, makes happiness look like swells,

And we’re washed away, wave after wave, slowly deranging,

Until we’re enlightened in the moment when we find each other,

And realize that I am the flame to your candle and you are the sun to my flower,

As I follow you wherever you go and bloom with each kiss,

And I show you the way in the darkness,

And I show you how to become the answer to the world’s sorrow.

But this dream is only true if we find ourselves, so I put a tracker on you in a past life, but the locator broke…

So I bump into and fall in love with mere reflections of you,

Because I miss you more than happiness,

Because it’s better to have loved and loved again,

Than to have never loved and never ever love.

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