Eyes That Starve For Beauty… [POEM]

I held her close, then I held her back.

I held her smile in my mind, then I held her at arm’s length.

At arm’s length, to adequately measure the beauty that she encompasses.

At arm’s length, her smile was ever the more beautiful than at first.

An arm’s length of beauty, she doth possess.

Yet still, I am not impressed.

I cast her away to sea, far away from me.

Across it, she let me be, so I could measure the sea’s length of her beauty.

On yonder shore she waited there, to see my signals in the air.

She smiled, I was aghast at what I did see.

Perhaps the seas played tricks on me.

No, it is her beauty.

Woe is me, for though an ocean’s length of beauty, she doth possess.

I am yet to feel sufficiently impressed.

We travelled years and travelled far.

Up hills and mountains, her mouth ajar, at the wonders of the world beneath us.

My obsession would not bequeath of me of my duty, not yet, not now.

We reach the peak of the world and it’s the perfect… stage.

I left her there and in earnest rage, so close to my goals, to free my cage.

I ran down to the plateaus of the world and let distance grow.

Where I shall stop, I do not know.

However, I turn back, when the time is right.

I am filled with the deepest fright.

As her beauty is of godly might.

The sun behind her as it treks across the sky.

The wind beneath her, that begs her to fly.

For some reason ill, for some reason why.

Though heavenly beauty she doth possess.

I am torn to know I do not feel impressed.

Aha! This time I have it. This time I know!

I know where to put her, where she will go.

I build a contraption, a thing of great force.

Faster than the comets, sturdier than a horse.

Here it is her chariot to the beyond!

Her tears I ignore, her kiss I abscond.

Off you go darling, it will not be long!

Boom! On a voyage I send her flying.

That this plan will work, there is no denying.

Years, later. Years, later. I look up to the sky.

Uncontrollably I begin to cry.

There she is, oh, how wonderful she is.

This plan was great, but… it is not the best.

As I lay down, my eyes close, and I fade to life’s end.

There is one thing I wish for that I cannot pretend.

More than star’s beauty, she doth possess.

Though, I am yet to be impressed.

What I wanted most of all, was to have held her close to my chest.

But she is a star now, I open my eyes… she is the light I see at the end of the tunnel.


I’m impressed.

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