Colors… [POEM]

I want to live where the soldiers have no colors.

The freedom in not being afraid of the others.

Where guns shoot bullets, but bullets bring life.

Mothers have babies with fathers, no strife.

I want to dream, without nightmares aroused.

If there were no consequence to being caroused.

If breast milk made you wise as well as strong.

If love would last forever in more than a song.

I want to dance without my legs giving out.

Bump ‘n’ grind and take her home without a doubt.

Amaze the onlookers friends, enemies and all.

Moonwalk on the moon itself and embrace the fall.

I want to prostrate before God and hear his voice call back,

But without a voice I have no choice, the faith is slack.

I want to pull back the curtain and see a man, not a fraud,

Yet the only stool-pigeon I see is me and I’m no god.

I want to know what lasting happiness feels like.

To grow old and still know myself as childlike.

To be bold and brandish my naked truth to the world,

That inside, deep down, in my fantasies, I’m perfect.

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