Wants A Man… [POEM]

I know what she wants, I know what she needs.

Without my banana she no longer heeds.

She spits out all of my winter seeds,

Down the river and caught in the reeds.

Primitive urges and sophisticated boredom.

Too much mail, not enough cats to sort ‘em.

She wants parlor tricks, not whiskey dicks.

She wants sweet nothings, no liquorice sticks.

She’s a snake charmer in plural disguise.

Her double standards will be your demise.

She wants handsome, tall, not short and wise.

She wants musclebound, no porridge thighs.

She’s not sure about that or puzzled about this.

She has her way and you’ll do anything for a kiss.

She wants you dead before she becomes a pumpkin.

Smart as you are, you don’t know what she’s thinkin’.

Kill a spider for her, spy for her, same difference.

To see her happy you’ll spare no expense.

To see her mad, all you need is common sense,

And to return to the frog you were forth hence!

She wants a man, a boy I’ll forever be.

All the world’s dreams are lost to the sea.

She doesn’t know that men don’t exist anymore.

Neither do women, growing up is a forgotten chore.

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