The Queen’s Love… [Poem]

I see her passing by like a shooting star.

How rare these moments truly are.

What purpose that drives my heart to devotion.

Devotion, driven, like swimming across the entire ocean.

Fate prepares before birth’s first light.

Was it love at first sight?

I stole a rose from her garden.

At first opportunity I gave it back to her.

“Oh, the most beautiful rose I have ever seen!” she admires.

It was once her’s, dare I say she is in love with herself?

I was wrong, I see it this day, she is in love with me,

Finding excuse to attribute wondrous things to me.

I can’t be foolish, I must be strong.

At second opportunity, I cannot be wrong.

“Just as the lake reveals to me the truth of my face,

Dear queen, you reveal to me the truth of my heart.”

She delights in my words, but there is doubt in her heart.

A thorn I see there, but gifted with the proper acumen I am not.

At third opportunity I come prepared.

To seek out the thorn, to vanquish it, but she is scared.

She has grown used to the pain of the thorn,

Now removing it is the true thing of scorn.

The operation begins and I am lost forever,

“Familiar it is to you, and you thought you were clever…”

“Whatever do you mean, fair queen?”

The thorn, it is poison, a dagger unseen.

“You put the thorn there! It was you that maimed me!

Your poison that’s trifling, the ailment that claims me!”

I stare without word, I’m pale to the touch,

How cold I appear to be, confusion as such.

“If ever I did, and I do not say that you are wrong,

Truly it was another man, and not I that broke your song!”

She quivers with anger, the spittle is rain as she speaks,

I am drenched in accusation, unable to evade the shrieks.

“You broke my heart! Your rose was evidence of that!

Had you not stolen my innocence, you would still be a rat!”

They have fallen upon willing ears, her words.

No more opportunities, flown south with the birds.

“What will you have done, my queen,

I am undeserving of your mercy…”

Our eyes met and diverged from meeting.

Our hands, once acquainted, are strangers once again. Love is fleeting.

She says the words pronounced like kung-fu film fists to the face.

“To, the, guill-o-tine, so, it, is, quick, and, clean, post-haste!”

Her judgment is clear, I await the deed.

Taken to the pit where it is to be done, dragged by her steed.

I look to her and her eyes no longer reflect love, but doom.

She is the last thing I see, and death my last moment to bloom,

Like a red, red rose.

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