Succubus… [POEM]

It was so long ago.

We barely were what we are now.

Hold on for a story blessed by sorrow.

Shed tears that evaporate tomorrow.

Kiss lips that part to slip a split tongue,

If you ever kiss the devil this song will be sung.

I never knew that she was the one,

Until she held by heart by the tip of a gun.

There is no why, her motives are all clear,

I am the one who knew her secret, though I held it dear.

Intoxicated by the ride she gave me still,

Dead men tell no tales but a cursed one will.

When she lays you down, not to put you to sleep,

Her lullaby is a jeweled dagger and a deathly reap.

She wants nothing more, she wants nothing less,

Than to park my car in the spot, “Depressed”.

I can’t let her win, she’s gone too far.

But we go from showers to decks, from beaches to roofs.

Never to see the view, only to trade,

As I fill her grooves and we dance like naked children,

But childish this is not, for I learned her secret, i know too much.

Does she wear prada, I swear it, she does.

The devil wears everything you can think of.

But she wants to wear my skin and that I cannot allow.

We are at the bow of my ship and I want her to let go.

But her smell, her hair in my face, her skin, the taste.

Like poisoned syrup, that dove into chocolate,

Licked caramel and devoured raspberries,

Just to tell my tastebuds that there is nothing that compares.

If only she weren’t the devil, I would tell myself every time and this is the last.

She has me, I am hers and her hook is literal.

I would have had another woman, but they all say I taste bitter; all.

So what am I to do, will I jump? Enjoy the fall?

I already did and I fell into her nest,

Keep your eyes close to these words, wait till you hear the rest.

For my words speak of fateful nights,

Those fates were full of frightful fights,

That led to a door marked red light, green light, black.

That’s what it fades to when you complete the fall,

If you bet on her, she wins it all.

She won my soul, though I struggled I am down,

At the bottom of the abyss, I helplessly drown.

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