Blind… [POEM]

Do you see the towers of the, towers of the mind.

Broadcasting jealousy and sin of every kind.

Was hopefully lost, but now I’m hopelessly found.

Was flying high, but now I’m hugging the ground.

Dangerous music of the, music of the lion,

Scaring the children, can you hear ’em cryin’?

Sometimes sleeping sound, sometimes waking silent.

Always eating lifeforms, always acting violent.

Do you mind, yes do you mind a different tasting relief?

Do you dream of God, or does the devil snuff belief?

You say I was blind, now I want you to say that I see.

You will lock the doors and I will distribute the key.

Safely seeking seven songs so silence stops.

Broken bridges braying creating many crops.

A spectacular vernacular sweeps the nation.

A dreadful mouthful regurgitated elation.

Sight to the sorrowful, blindness to the blissful.

I dare say corporate whores tarnish the beautiful.

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