Hope Is Motivation…

Wouldn’t it be wild if everyone had the motivation they needed to do anything they dreamed of, within reason? What if we already have that motivation.

What if, all we lack is the vision to clarify the problem and therefore the solution, furthermore lacking in the ability to channel the motivation efficiently as it gets clogged up under life-long excuses, and nightmares of failure, (things vision would dispel) as well as negative influences and bad habits, (things that deter motivation)?

What if enlightenment is the key to peace and understanding? Well, it’s not a, “What if,” enlightenment is the key.

This is not to say you’ll never experience sadness, anger, and fear again, but that you will be better prepared in the event of emergency. Even the sea is not impervious to waves and storm.

But like the ocean, for you, all these things can be, “Only on the surface,” whilst inner peace remains.

I may be far away from enlightenment, but hope is the light that shines through the tunnel. Hope is vision. Hope is motivation.

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